As of January 1, 2017, operations of Molmex will be performed as SAXSLAB US, a Xenocs Company.

SAXSLAB US will continue to distribute Dectris X-ray detectors ( and LS Instruments light scattering instruments ( in North America. For SAXS information, please go to and to see the product lines available for the time being until we post our joint website.

Dear Friends and Customers,

Since 2012, SAXSLAB and Molmex have successfully manufactured and distributed Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) instruments throughout North America and Europe. Our portfolio has increased to include complementary X-ray Detectors from Dectris (Switzerland) and the highest quality Light Scattering Instrumentation from LS Instruments (Switzerland).

We are aware that over the past couple of years, the final choice for a SAXS instrument has been between SAXSLAB and Xenocs for many of our customers. Both offer SAXS configurations far more advanced than anything else on the market today.

For some time, we’ve recognized the respective strengths across the SAXSLAB and Xenocs product lines and as a result, we’ve decided to join forces with the purpose of providing the best possible scattering products to users at all levels of experience and application. As of January 1, 2017, operations of Molmex will be performed as SAXSLAB US, a Xenocs Company. We’re still keeping our people, facility and manufacturing in Western Massachusetts; Dr. Karsten Joensen, founder of SAXSLAB, will be the Managing Director of the US branch, and I will continue to be the “Explainer” of our products as the Director of Sales in North America. I’m looking forward to offering even more flexibility to our current and future customers as we grow.

Nothing will change for those of you with orders pending or existing warranties. We will continue to fulfill the existing orders through Molmex and SAXSLAB US, and warranty/service will be fulfilled by SAXSLAB US.

In other news, some of you may know Dr. Mike Degen from Molecular Metrology or Rigaku. Both Karsten and I have known and worked with Mike at various times for almost 20 years, and he is now our Director of Engineering at Xenocs US. Mike has a deep knowledge of all the products and performance – we know that our customers will value his expertise as much as we do.

I hope to see many of you during the next year. We’re going to be exhibiting (as Xenocs) at the APS March meeting and at ACS in April. Please stop by to say hi and see what’s new.

And of course we’ll have chocolate.


Scott Barton, Ph.D., President
Molmex Scientific Inc.

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